Monday, April 16, 2012


We are back! I survived the Texas trip!!! The past ten days have been a super fun, but definitely not restful, vacation to visit my parents. The kids did amazing with the 20+ hours of driving each way. Bringing my amazing, about to be 18 year old niece was the best decision I could've made. She was so helpful with the kids.

We basically consumed candy and ice cream the entire week we were there. Some of it was in the name of science. My niece had never tried blue bell ice cream and we needed to figure out what flavor is the best (we decided on two-depending on your mood). It was the most action packed vacation I can remember. We were going 100 miles per hour from the moment we parked the car in the driveway.

Big baby and Molly did great too. Molly had some gas issues, and I kept up with the grapefruit seed extract, which seemed to help. They both remembered my parents, which was fun. I have a feeling their house seems awfully quiet this week after all their squeals, screams, and crying. Big baby even said her first impromptu prayer. It consisted of thanking Heavenly Father for her favorite things of the day, or "tings a day". It was super cute.

On the down side, I got my first speeding ticket in 15 years. Stupid speed limit signs are posted on the median of the road on the reservation near Shiprock, NM. The cop never even gave me a chance to explain anything. The most frustrating part is that the stupid ticket keeps repeating that you have to pay with a check or money order, but it never tells you who to make the check out to! STUPID!!!

I loved almost every minute of the trip, and even got some workouts in. It felt really good. although I came home completely exhausted, and I'm really excited for no trips until June-ish, it was a fabulous break. I think this will be one for the memory books for the kids. For my niece and I, we'll be remembering all the poop art and blow outs we got to deal with on the drive home...


  1. I am SO glad that you had a good time :) Ashley had a wonderful time! xo

  2. I wish I could say that my trip was as good as yours. Blah! We should get together in a week or so, after you get a little bit settled. :)