Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today is an interesting day, the culmination of an 'interesting' week.  Molly continues to do fabulous for the most part without the prevacid, so the the national shortage has been a huge blessing for us.  Since we got her off successfully, I was able to cancel a follow up appointment with her GI (being on prevacid was the only reason he wanted to see her).  It feels extremely liberating to only need to give her vitamins and lots of fluids now.  Her poop has been beyond beautiful.  Except she seems to have a once a week MASSIVE explosion.  And she's always wearing the same jammies when it happens-I think they might be cursed.  It makes me appreciate a normal kid's 'blowout'.

Last Sunday was our family's official debut at church as an entire unit.  It felt great to finally be able to take everyone at the same time.  I met with the helpers for Molly and Big Baby's class to explain her delays and issues, and I think Molly will do great once she can actually go.  I'm guessing it's going to be some great therapy for her.  Although I have also gained a new appreciation for my friends with twins.  Wow. 

Our neighborhood had a gardening class last night to talk about the 'specialness' of our soil and tips and tricks for growing stuff successfully out here.  It was really informative.  It also gave me a chance to talk to a neighbor who is dealing with much more complicated issues than Molly's with her 3 year old.  We ended up talking until 10:30.  It was nice because it helped solidify that we really do need to add behavior therapy to Molly's little regime.  Her responses to things are so out of control extreme, and she can't understand when we are trying to soothe her.  This makes for some really long days.  There has been a lot of discussion on the support group lately that made me realize this too is probably a result of all her issues and prematurity-not just an early start to the terrible two's.  My friend last night described it as the terrible two's on crack.  I'm really hoping we can get some tips and suggestions on how to deal with it, or we might have a lot more excursions at home this summer instead of out and about.

This also got me thinking again of how blessed we have been.  As frustrating as some things seem right now, I still know that we have it great compared to most families dealing with short gut.  One of Molly's short gut buddies lost her battle last month and earned her angel wings.  Remembering this definitely adds a lot of patience for dealing with poop on walls, cribs, floors, and everywhere else you can think of. 

Outside of the recent events with Molly, things are looking up.  We are so close to getting our basement finished and have even started moving the toy room downstairs.  The kids are just as excited as we are to be done I think.  We've had time to sit down and evaluate our goals for the next few years.  It's so nice to have some degree of certainty back in our lives again, and things are progressing super fast with several of our goals.  I'm so thankful we switched jobs when we did, and to the company we did.  They have been so amazing to work with on every level.

So today I'm trying to move past the sad and negative thoughts from the past week.  I'm trying to find new motivation to make exercise fit into my schedule.  I'm trying not to burst into tears over every little thing because my body has decided that anything and everything requires a physical response of tears.  I'm trying to focus on today and be a better mom and wife.  Hopefully, I'll also figure out a way to meet with Paul, because I could really use a therapist lately.

What kinds of things are you doing today???