Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013

It feels so weird to think of another year come and gone.  Even though it's been three years since the start of the baby drama, it still feels like it was yesterday.  My way of dealing with it has become to completely shut down and pretend like it never happened.  Like today for instance.  My sis-in-law has had complications with her pregnancy starting around 28 weeks that triggered some fairly bad anxiety attacks in me.  Yes, it's still habit until the person I care about is safely out of the woods with their pregnancy.

Anyways, her complications led to a delivery today at 32 weeks and 4 days.  Even though the circumstances around the delivery are scary, mom and baby seem to be doing amazingly well.  My sweet niece is only 7 oz. bigger than Little Miss was, but to see her looking so miraculously  healthy you would think she was a full term baby-until you see something to put her size into perspective. Hearing how well she is doing is making me really face just how sick our miracle baby was, and I don't want to deal with it just yet.  So I shut down completely and became a robot for the day.  Except a robot would never eat the way I have been today.

I pray things continue to progress as well as they have been.

Christmas was crazy and chaotic this season, but fun.  My sister and her family flew in and my parents drove and we all fit into our house for 10 days for a real cousin Christmas just like I had growing up and always wanted my kids to experience.  Our kids went from phone buddies to inseparable friends.  Even Molly and Big Baby took a break from the screaming and meltdowns.

Molly also decided to switch things up on us again.  She came down with a simple cold on the 19th.  By the 21st she began dumping.  Then it got worse and worse.  My poor sister was thrown into the fire of short gut reality in a way I'm guessing she would rather not experience.  By the day after Christmas I had to take her to the doctor.  His diagnosis is that her stomach is able to process mucus now (which is an improvement over the rejection and vomiting of it last year), but her intestines can't, so they just dump everything out.  Her intestines were rumbling so loud it made my heart sad.  The doctor gave us a deadline of Saturday to get it under control or she would have to be admitted.  Thankfully, with priesthood blessings, lots of pedialyte, and some children's immodium, we got it enough under control that didn't happen.

It has put us back in a lock down position though.  She lost over 2 lbs in four days-weight she didn't really have to lose.  With all the nasty crap that is going around, I just don't want to risk it.  So it's a huge blessing that our basement is finished and we have lots of things to do around the house this winter.

To add some diversity, our oldest niece got engaged right before Christmas, then surprised us all by setting the date for February 1st!  The entire family is now in the whirlwind of dresses, flowers, music, and decor.  It seems like it's all coming together, and our kids are so excited to be a part of it (as servers/clearers/helpers).  We just hope and pray they know what they're getting in to.

With 2013 starting off with such a bang, I'm a little nervous to see what the year will bring.  Hopefully it's a fun adventure by the end!

Happy New Year!